Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Build trust by humanizing your brand. Here’s how.

Is your brand trustworthy? While you may be strong in your conviction, your answer might not resonate with today’s consumers: According to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer (the industry standard for measuring consumer trust) only 48 percent of Americans trust businesses—and that number is on the decline.

So how do you build trust among leery consumers? One way is to simply get real, making memorable connections with your audience by showing the “human” side of your brand.

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine reinforces the argument for creating authentic, transparent connections with your customers: “according to PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey 2018, more than one in three consumers surveyed ranked “trust in brand” among the top three factors, other than price, influencing their decision to shop at a particular retailer. How do you get consumers to trust your company? You do it by showing them the human side of your brand.”

Read the full article here or continue reading for a summary of Entrepreneur’s tips for making a human connection with your brand:

Make them laugh. It’s ok to show your not-so-serious side. A little levity goes a long way toward breaking down barriers. The article contends that “showing your more playful side will help consumers see that you’re not just a business focused on selling a product; you’re a human who can put aside your seriousness and have some fun.”

Create original funny content or share popular or existing posts that will get people laughing: That carefree feeling is what consumers will then associate with your brand.

Introduce your team. Authentic content that showcases your team and/or your operations is a great way to put a face with your business. Candid photos, videos, meet-the-employee spotlights, a glimpse behind operations—these are simple ways to put your brand out there in a very human way.

Share user-generated content. “This works to humanize your brand in two ways: First, it’s exciting and flattering to the user who gets his or her photo featured on your website or social media feed. Second, it shows other consumers that you have great relationships with their peers and that those people already enjoy your products.”

Tell authentic stories. Don’t spend all your time talking about how great your company is; humanize your brand by sharing authentic stories about your failures, hardships and lessons that you’ve learned—this will help customers better relate to you.

Show appreciation for your customers. “Letting your customers know that you care about and appreciate them is one of the best ways to humanize your brand.” Consider sending your best customers company swag; offering special discounts; or simply connecting with a personal message or hand-written note. That personal touch goes a long way toward creating raving brand fans.

This “human” directive is one we’ve been incorporating on our Shamrock twitter feed—and we’re seeing positive results. What’s been your most successful “human” marketing touch? Chime in our Facebook page.

Ellen Moriarty 

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