Monday, November 23, 2015

Tips for successful product packaging

Have you ever purchased a product because you liked the packaging? I’ve grabbed a bottle of wine just because I liked the label. Same is true with cookies. But I’m not alone: One-third of consumer product choices are based on packaging, according to research by The Paper Worker. There is tremendous power in packaging design: It allows you to make an immediate—and ongoing—brand connection with your target audience.

You can maximize that opportunity for brand impact by keeping a few things in mind when designing product or specialty packaging:

Think of packaging as an extension of your brand. It should reflect your brand image, include smart logo placement, meet your graphics standards, etc.

Make packaging engaging. Consider adding QR codes, augmented reality, or embedding videos to encourage interaction with your product beyond the point of purchase. 

Functionality is key. Don’t get so carried away with creativity that
you forget user-friendly appeal—make it easy to use. 

Content counts. The product name or headline should be easy to read, along with the essentials your buyer needs like instructions, nutrition information, etc.

Click below for more: This infographic is a great quick-read list of tips and reminders to help you to refine your product packaging for greater brand appeal.

How Product Packaging Affects Your Buying Decision Infographic

All the best,
Tim Connor