Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Are you using promotional products as part of your marketing program? Make tangible brand connections

In this digital age, so much of our everyday business is managed online. But as with any other aspect of our lives, balance is essential to success. Promotional products are the ideal source for equilibrium in your marketing program because they make a brand impression offline. Think about it: How many logoed t-shirts do you have in your closet? I’ve got a stack of them—and I’m not alone: The latest statistics show that, on average, Americans keep t-shirts for 6.3 months, tallying 2,450 impressions. It’s a great example of how a promotional item makes a tangible, lasting brand statement.

Shamrock’s value is the ability to connect online and offline channels to complement each other and work together to perpetuate the message in the most powerful and effective way. The result of that integrated and balanced marketing effort is a memorable brand impression. We see the big picture.

The ASI fASIlitate Conference just wrapped up in Las Vegas earlier this month. With so many new, innovative products on the market and the phenomenal reach that we are seeing with brand awareness, it’s an exciting time to be a part of this industry. 

Which premium items will provide you the best return on your investment?  Click on this link to learn more and see some the newly-released statistics.

All the best,
Tim Connor