Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We’re Following Through on Big Ideas

My brother the golf pro will tell you that my swing could use better follow through, which is true. But as a Company, I’m feeling pretty excited about where Shamrock is headed in following our new path. In my July blog I talked about Shamrock’s Commit To Big program—the Big Ideas that we’ve outlined as the guiding principles for our strategic vision. We’ve made strides during the past month, with a committee of people—associates from every layer within Shamrock—that has taken our first commitment and started to define how it will take shape.

The Big Commitment: Become ever more intimate with our valued client base. The ensuing brainstorm surrounding this first idea has created an event that is now in the planning phase: The Shamrock Innovation Summit, which will happen sometime in 2017, will bring together our clients, vendors and Shamrock associates for an idea exchange that will focus on the future of our businesses—and how we can best move forward together.

Our team envisions this Summit as an opportunity for our customers and vendors to showcase their best practices through keynote speakers, moderated guest panels, engaging programming and a social media element.

The idea for us at Shamrock is that while we’ll offer transparencies about how we operate and the services that we provide, we’ll also be able to learn more about our clients and share ideas with our vendors that will strengthen our connections, and also build the brands of all involved.

There’s no time like the present to carve out the time to take a retrospective look at your organization and define your vision—you’ll likely come up with a few big ideas of your own.

Best of luck,
Tim Connor