Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We’re Committed to Something Bigger—and Better.

A few months ago I blogged about Shamrock’s new Commit to Big program—our corporate navigator of sorts, through which our team has committed to working toward “Big Ideas, Big Achievements and Big Results.” The first step in the program was our executive team’s charge to formulate and post its commitments on our wall.

We’ve done that. And as we did so, the exercise proved to be impactful for me: Every year Shamrock develops a corporate theme. But as we sketched out our ideas of what “Big” is—and can be—here at Shamrock, I realized that that these Big ideas are more than themes: They are the principles that guide the Company’s strategic vision. These are the ideologies that we believe in; and they provide a framework by which we must operate in order to function at our very best, for the benefit of our clients, vendors and our people.

Shamrock’s Three Big Commitments:

1. Become ever more intimate with our valued client base. Aspire to get our customers talking. Form deeper relationships. Create true Raving Fans.

2. To make technology the foundation of our products, our services, and our strategy. Leverage technology to add value to traditional products, services and processes.

3. Be a world class, iconic workplace. Recruit and retain top talent. Develop employees professionally as well as holistically.

We’ve rolled out these Big commitments to our entire team, challenging them to identify actionable ways in which we can bring these three commitments to fruition here at Shamrock. In my next post I’ll share the result, leading with Big Idea #1.

This Big discovery process has been, and continues to be, a valuable exercise for us at Shamrock. My hope is that you might glean something from these ideas that strikes a chord within your own organization. Look for that next blog coming soon.

All The Best,
Tim Connor