Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Design Hacks: Two DIY Tools For Everyday Marketing

Given the relentless pace of today’s business world, many of us look to ingenious hacks or shortcuts to complete everyday tasks with greater efficiency. This post answers that charge: When you don’t have time to collaborate with your marketing team and need to quickly create a presentation or post a new product promotion on social media, these two apps will help you complete your projects with professional results.

#1. Online-Convert (O-C). This program allows users to take one file format (audio, image, ebook, video, document, or archive) and convert it into a different format (presumably one that is easier to use). 

For example, I often receive graphic files in .eps format. Since I don’t use a professional design program, I can’t view the image natively. However, I can upload the file into Online-Convert and within seconds, convert the image into a pdf, png, jpg, or gif file. 

Since many images are sent back and forth in email as pdf’s, I can easy convert these files into a .png or .jpg format and then upload and use as needed. Online-Convert is free to use.

#2. Clipping Magic. This app allows users to remove the background around an image, or in design speak, create a “transparent” background. 

Wondering when/why you might need to create an image like this? Here is an example: You want to feature a product image in a presentation. The problem is the only version of the image you have is against a white background and your brand standards require you to use a dark background. Instead of featuring a page with white box backdrops, you can clip the image so the white background is removed.  

Normally, it takes the skill of a trained designer and a professional program like InDesign or Photoshop to do the same thing. Now, I can clip the image and then layer it on top of my presentation or other images to create a professional design. 

Clipping Magic charges a small fee per month based on the number of images you clip. For less than $8 a month, you can clip more than 100 images and save yourself countless hours and dollars in the process.

What do you think: Have you tried either of these tools? What do you use on a regular basis and find especially useful? Please share your feedback in the comments below or reach out to me directly at

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